thanks to a friend of a friend who now has a new travel blog, I have rediscovered my wordpress blog! it has been almost 2 years since I’ve updated. lets see…what has happened? Well. I didn’t get into law school (over it), BUT I did apply and get into graduate school for social work! Last August I moved to the city of brotherly love and I am attending Bryn Mawr. I’ve met some great peeps here and I adore this city. I also find it funny that the last time I updated this mess, it was the world cup! and right now i’m following the euro cup 2012. tomorrow i’m taking the megabus up to the big apple to see some friends and I will be watching the QF Germany vs. Greece game up there. We got this.


and just like that


it’s all over. World Cup 2010 is complete, Spain the winners. The final was slow to some people, I guess because nobody scored until extra time, but I thought it was a pretty good game. But I was around distractions and watched it outside in the hot July New Jersey weather, so that may have had something to do with my level of focus during the game. At first I was rooting for the Netherlands, but after a certain point I just wanted someone to score. And I of course enjoyed watching the lookers of La Roja, Xavi Alonso and Gerard Pique:

But what am I supposed to do with my life now that the world cup is over?!? I guess get back to reading blogs about more important things, like the Oscar Grant verdict, Haiti, Elena Kagan, & SB 1070.

And I am of course still waiting to hear back from law school. I called CUNY last week to find out the status of my application, and they said here was “no decision” but that I should be hearing from them within the next week or two.  So please pray that I 1. get into law school and 2. that I find out soon, so that I have time to quit my job and move!

my favorite players 2.0


what a world cup this has been so far!!! today, my boys performed amazingly, as expected, killing ENGLAND 4-1. (too bad I fell asleep during the second half and missed 2 of the goals, shh don’t tell) Now we just have to beat Argentina on Saturday, which should be a really great game. I am kind of a fan of the Argentine (or is it Argentinian? dunno) team, but Germany always comes first. And can someone please explain to me why Messi is the greatest player in the world? Maybe I just don’t know enough about his history and stats, but he hasn’t scored once in this cup so far. Perhaps he will on Saturday, we will see. Alls I know is that it was great having Klose back today.

Back to what this post was originally supposed to be about. My fave football players 2.0.

U S of A. #22 Benny Feilhaber

i mean just look at those eyes. yes.

and I know you all expect me to put Ronaldo on this list. but he’s kind of too good looking, if such a thing exists. It’s like he was a model first who decided to pay football, like Cameron Diaz and “acting”.

Well, that is the only hot player that I am going to post about right now. I kind of post them as I see them playing…so if I notice any others in the next 2 weeks, i will post them.

now back to watching the BET awards….

my favorite players


and by favorite i mean best looking, in my opinion.

Argentina. #9 Gonzalo Higuain

not the best pictures of him, but its what i could find. so deal.

Uruguay. #9 Luis Suarez

And you already know about Podolski, (Germany #10) so I won’t repost him.

I will be updating this post as I see more of my favorite players. The Univision live feed stopped working, so I have no way of watching the games at work anymore! 😦

what a game


game over. 4-0. nuff said. my boys never seem to disappoint me! Australia never had a chance. Though Ballack will always be my first love, I think I may be starting to crunch real hard on Podolski. I know, I know, he is Polish born, so he’s not 100% German, but I’ll let it slide this time.

In other news, the vuvuzelas may be banned in upcoming games b/c you can’t hear shit during the game. its even hard to hear the crowd because of those annoying horns.  oh man, what i would give to either be in Germany right now, or even better in South Africa!! For now all I can do is enjoy the games from my little air-conditioned studio in my PJs.

BP & Bullsh*t


i was on the onion’s website today reading an old “commentary” by Emilio Esteves about doing a Mighty Ducks 4 movie (thanks Sean) and i came upon this article. It pretty much explains why I love the onion so much.

Massive Flow Of Bullshit Continues To Gush From BP Headquarters

LONDON—As the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico entered its eighth week Wednesday, fears continued to grow that the massive flow of bullshit still gushing from the headquarters of oil giant BP could prove catastrophic if nothing is done to contain it.

The toxic bullshit, which began to spew from the mouths of BP executives shortly after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in April, has completely devastated the Gulf region, delaying cleanup efforts, affecting thousands of jobs, and endangering the lives of all nearby wildlife.

“Everything we can see at the moment suggests that the overall environmental impact of this will be very, very modest,” said BP CEO Tony Hayward, letting loose a colossal stream of undiluted bullshit. “The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean, and the volume of oil we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total volume of water.”

According to sources, the sheer quantity of bullshit pouring out of Hayward is unprecedented, and it has thoroughly drenched the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, with no end in sight.

Though no one knows exactly how much of the dangerous bullshit is currently gushing from BP headquarters, estimates put the number at somewhere between 25,000 and 70,000 words a day.

“We’re looking at a truly staggering load of shit here,” said Rebecca Palmer, an environmental scientist at the University of Georgia, who claimed that only BP has the ability to stem the flow of bullshit and plug it at its source. “And this is just the beginning—we’re only seeing the surface-level bullshit. It could be years before we sift through it all and figure out just how deep this bullshit goes.”

Congressional hearings aimed at stopping the bullshit have thus far failed to do so, with officials from BP and its contractors Halliburton and Transocean only adding to the powerful torrents of bullshit by blaming one another for the accident.

Along with the region’s wildlife and fragile ecosystem, countless livelihoods have been jeopardized by BP’s unchecked flow of corporate shit. Those who depend on fishing or tourism for their income are already feeling the noxious effects of the bullshit firsthand, as out-of-control platitudes begin to reach land and seep ashore….

(click HERE to read the rest)

Because that is basically all the BP execs have been spewing these past couple of months about the oil spill. Complete BULLSHEET. Why is this there still oil gushing in to our oceans? Why didn’t we have mechanisms in place to prevent or solve this problem? So many questions, and so few answers. Salon has a bunch of recent articles on the spill, including ones where we are finding out that much more has been pouring out than we previously thought. Yeah, no kidding.


oh. em. gee.


alls i know is 1) if i don’t get into law school or miraculously get into CUNY, then I’m going to the Governor’s Island Show (thank god they moved it from Jones beach), 2) if i get into GGU I’m going to the San Francisco Show at the Shoreline Ampitheater, 3) if i get into any other school, i will have to miss it this year. but this concert will be LEGENDARY.

hump day


its sad that things like this don’t surprise us anymore:

Last night a 14-year-old boy named Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca on the Mexican side of the El Paso-Juarez border was shot and killed by a Border Patrol officer, who was on the U.S. side. Reports of the actual exchange vary; the FBI has called the incident an “assault” on the Border Patrol officer, while others have focused on the death of the unarmed boy….

“It is clear to us that Border Patrol agents do not use restraint,” said Fernando Garcia, the executive director of the El Paso immigrant rights group Border Network for Human Rights. “We’re talking about a kid here.”

“We see a lot of rookie agents, because we are massively enforcing the border,” Garcia added. “There are now 20,000 Border Patrol agents, and they are not being trained well to respect the lives of people.”

I don’t really know what else to say about this, except that increasing the amount of people we have securing the border without properly training them is not the answer to America’s immigration “problems”.

and if you haven’t heard already, Slim Thug * has made some enlightening comments on Black women recently. Though his comments are ignorant, I think that they bring up a conversation that should be had about the relationship between Black men and Black women, or, morover, what Black men expect and why that is. I also agree with Bvic , in saying:

In the final analysis though, I don’t know who I’m more disappointed with, Slim Thug or Vibe? Give a man a platform and he will run wild. My question is why was he given a platform in the first place

*his Wikipedia page needs a serious makeover.

Guess what Friday is!??!?

Thats right, folks. WORLD CUP 2010 begins!! I know. so exciting. Although Germany doesn’t play until Sunday at 2:30 pm EST.  I still have to pay attention to the other teams b/c of the pool i’m in at work. I picked Portugal, which is a pretty good team, so I’m happy about that. Not happy that I didn’t pick Germany, but oh well. Apparently a Portugal player got injured recently, according to one of my co-workers. I’m really pushing Germany to win, despite Ballack’s injury.

That’s all for now. I may update later today. Or I may not.

sir lucious leftfoot


this video came out a little while ago, and the song some months ago. but i still had to post it.

Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty is out July 6th

um yeah.


i could have waited until october and it would have been a FULL YEAR since i’ve updated this thing. but i decided to take a look at the blog today, and i guess update today. I still go on the facebook and twitter though. i don’t updated my facebook ever, though, because most of my family is on it and always has something to say about anything i post.

what has happened since I last updated??

well, i fell in and out of a “relationship”, the earthquake in Haiti, i visited LA, visited my sister in Oregon, and was just the maid of honor in a beautiful wedding. Oh yeah. and I applied to law school. I just found out today that i’ve been waitlisted at a total of 4 of the 5 schools I applied to. Yeah, its June, classes start in August, and I still don’t know what I will be doing with my life in two months. Awesome!!

i put a few pics of LA up on my flikr if you are interested. one of them got chosen by for one of their photos of the Getty Center.

p.s. i don’t get this new layout on WordPress. There has to be a tutorial or something around here that will teach me how to update my blog better. and why am i watching extreme home makeover home edition on CMT?

and i’ve been loving sleigh bells, recently.

sleigh bells-crown on the ground