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did y’all miss me? all 2 of you who read my blog? I know, I know. I just had to take a little break. I’m trying to figure out why I even started a blog. Should it be political only? Maybe some humor in there? Less about my personal life? Should I even care what you think? haha…after I read this article in BITCH about blog comments, I am going to try to not take the comments that (don’t exist on this blog) to heart.

moving right along, my friend anna banana posted this hilarious article “Sarah Palin Pees Standing Up: How To Use Insinuation” from cracked.com on the facebook, and I died more than once reading it. Here are some highlights:

On the long, hard road to the White House, a candidate can hardly be blamed if they use every tool, trick, and hired thug at their disposal to aid them in their ascent. After all, hired thugs is what this nation was built on, and by God, there aren’t any finer to be had anywhere in the world outside of Italy and some of the rougher parts of New Zealand….

So when Senator Obama recently spun some down-home charm into a schoolyard insult by tacitly calling Sarah Palin a pig, he not only displayed the insight of an eighth-grade bully, he also demonstrated the nimble skill of a master of the political art. Ever wily, Obama has mastered the art of insulting his opponent, without seeming to. Like a Judo master or a man farting next to a dog, he is adept at shifting the blame, feigning innocence, and undercutting the hate of his words without removing the stinger.

aaaand, this great picture:

Sure, that picture could be called immature. However, I find it to be H-I-larious.

Moving right along, I keep forgetting about one of the best websites known to man. That’s right: Cuteoverload.com. I actually kind of like forgetting about this website, so that when I DO remember, there are lots and lots of cute pictures that I have not yet seen. Like these:

and to top it all off…..

nighty night.

p.s. i can’t find a good header…any suggestions would help. 🙂


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