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legendary crew


p.s. I saw The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, and Estelle on Tuesday night at Roseland Ballroom, NYC. Here are some pictures from the event:

Captain Kirk, Black Thought, ?uestlove

Captain Kirk, Black Thought, ?uestlove


drum solo

drum solo

Q-tip stopped on by

Q-tip stopped on by

mr. mos def

mr. mos def


I also took some video, but have yet to upload those.

The concert was good. I wish that Gym Class Heroes didn’t play as long. I feel like they played about the same amount of time as the Roots. Estelle was ok, too. I think I was just way too tired, and after waking up at 4 am, it’s hard for me to stand up at a concert for 5 hours straight.

remember bubby’s music video? well you should. here are him and his brother dressed up in their halloween costumes:

playboy bunny and pirate

playboy bunny and pirate

and I am Rosie the Riveter for halloween.

and how cool is this google image?


i’m alive


i know i’ve been M.I.A. for a little while now. i’ve been crazy busy. My birthday is today. YAY!!!! and I had a job interview on Monday. and I’m volunteering w/ the ACLU as a poll monitor on election day.

ok, thats all for now. I’ll put some stuff up here soon..just so much to catch up on

post-debate thoughts


on by drive back from my interview in illadel yesterday, I listened to the 3rd and final presidential debate on my iPod.  it has gotten so bad with McCain that I actually pity the man. And props to Obama for keeping his cool. I mean, he has to, really.  Or else he will be seen as the angry black man. But McCain was, I guess one could say, more “aggressive” last night than in other debates. This does not mean that he made any sense. Or made any strong arguments are clearly answered any of the moderator’s questions. Hey, that’s politics, right? No. It shouldn’t be. I was VERY happy that the candidates finally spoke about women’s issues. It only took, oh, months of campaigning for the two to talk about Roe v. Wade in a public forum (I could easily be wrong by this statement…so correct me if I am).  I mean, I almost died when Biden mentioned VAWA twice during the vice-presidential debate. His office did draft the bill…but I don’t think Palin even knows what VAWA is. McCain’s brushing off of the “health of the mother” was quite disturbing. Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards seemed to think the same:

I don’t know if I have written this on my blog before, but I can not understand why anyone, other than white heterosexual males, would EVER vote for John McCain. I can’t. Why are people lying to themselves?

I found this gem on Racialicious:

The latest newsletter by an Inland Republican women’s group depicts Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama surrounded by a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken, prompting outrage in political circles.

The October newsletter by the Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated says if Obama is elected his image will appear on food stamps — instead of dollar bills like other presidents. The statement is followed by an illustration of “Obama Bucks” — a phony $10 bill featuring Obama’s face on a donkey’s body, labeled “United States Food Stamps.”

it is said to say that i’m not surprised. but its just more ammo against McCain, and can work in favor of Obama.

Oh, yeah. and the REAL facts about our friend Joe the Plumber:

Joe the Plumber’s story sprang a few leaks Thursday. Turns out that the man who was held up by John McCain as the typical, hard-working American taxpayer isn’t really a licensed plumber. And court documents show he owes nearly $1,200 in back taxes.

“Joe,” whose name is Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, was cited repeatedly in Wednesday night’s final presidential debate by McCain for questioning Barack Obama‘s tax policy.

Wurzelbacher instantly became a media celebrity, fielding calls during the debate and facing reporters outside his home near Toledo on Thursday morning for an impromptu nationally televised news conference.

The burly, bald man acknowledged he doesn’t have a plumber’s license, but said he didn’t need one because he works for someone else at a company that does residential work.

And some more videos from’s Video Dog:

a review of Oliver Stone’s new film, W

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tracy-Clark Flory responds to an abortion law that intimidates women rather than educating them

Vodpod videos no longer available.

P.S. a follow-up on the project runway finale rant: Jezebel has a nice rundown of the finalists’ collections.

omg project runway


i realized i should be watching the debate right now. but project runway is more important. b/c i will download the debate tomorrow and watch it on my iPod.

i can’t believe Leeanne won. WTF?!!??!?!?!?!?!?  Kato TOTALLY should have won. This is insanity. Damn Bravo TV and their producers.  I also love how all of these contestants become walking advertisements for all of Project Runway’s sponsors (coughcoughSATURNcoughcough).

im very very tired and I have a job interview tomorrow. pray for me, to whomever or whatever you pray to. that is if you pray at all.

I leave you with a great “Women for McCain” video, and the cutest pumpkin campaign ever.

too cute.

too cute.

Yes We Carve

vids galore


some more jay smooth greatness:

a trailer for a great documentary about women and creativity (via feministing):

this is directed by the woman who directed Born into Brothels, another great documentary. The discrepancy between the percentage of women in art school and the percentage of women’s art in galleries mentioned in this trailer reminds me of the Guerrilla Girls

yay!! Wanda Sykes AND Hilduf hate the word gay (when used in the context shown below), too!

via Womanist Musings

AND last but certainly not least, a documentary by Byron Hurt , entitled “Barack and Curtis: Manhood, Power, and Respect”. A topic I’ve always been interested in: Black Masculinity

october ramblings


it’s that time of year again. my favorite season, fall. the month of October, when the leaves start changing, haunted houses open up,  and my skin starts to get more dry. And of course, the month of the popular holiday, Halloween. Which just happens to also be the day of my birth.  I googled October 31 birthday, and I found this site that is SOOO true about me. No, seriously, it is. It isn’t one of those that says a little bit of everything so you can be like, “oh, well that part is true”. No. And I am not a spiritual or relgious person, and I really don’t take astrology or any of that stuff seriously. but somehow, this stuff is right on point about me.

October 31 Scorpios are searchers after truth and spiritual oneness. They are loners and have no need of validation from others. Although their personal lives may be characterized by highs and lows, they can always get past disappointment. They display honesty without harshness. They are careful about enforcing emotional boundaries.

I suggest heading to the site if you have any interest in seeing what your birthday can tell about you and your personality.

Another reason I love Halloween is pet costumes. I know, dressing up your animal is ridiculous and humiliating for the animal. I’m very sure that the animal knows you are making a fool of it, and is probably wonder why the hell you are taking pictures of it in this insane get-up. However, it is also very entertaining to look at. Via cuteoverload, I found the link to Martha Stewart’s (oh Martha…how i love/hate you) Cutest Pet Halloween Costume Gallery. Some costumes are so-so, some are genius. Here are some of my favorites:

a dog with cleavage? wow.

I only wonder, how are these animals not ripping these costumes off themselves?

saturday night lights


ah…blogging away on a saturday night while watching the Law & Order: SVU marathon. lame? perhaps. do I care what you think*? hell no.

as I was tag surfing earlier, I found a fellow wordpresser’s blog, fine filter. from this blog, i found easily one of the coolest sites on the interweb:The Breaks, an online database of samples used in Hip-Hop. I searched through some Kanye songs to see where he got some of his samples. from there…i started searching youtube for the original songs, and stumbled upon DJ Funktuall and his “Top 10 Samples in Hip-Hop” series- here is Part 1 :

guy cracks me up. i’ve thought about it before…what would it be like learning how to scratch, dj..this makes me want to learn

THEN i found this reaaallly interesting video from DW (Deutsche Welle) about how the English language is taking over German business’ advertising, and the consequences it could have on the German language.

I love Germany. and Germans. and the German language.

haribo macht kinder froh

haribo macht kinder froh

and Gummibaeren, of course.

and why do white people whisper the word “black”? Macon D (from stuff white people do) guest wrote a post on racialicious:

What interested me, of course, was that whispering by a white person of
the word “black.” I’ve heard white people do that many times, and I’m
not fully sure why they do it. Not that all of those who do it
necessarily do it for the same reason. Or reasons.

One probable
reason that a lot of white people whisper the word “black” is that they
think it’s impolite to mention race. America is supposed to be
“colorblind” now, and so, the common white thinking goes, “we” are not
supposed to notice race, let alone point it out. Or even name it. So,
when we do point it out, we we should do that . . . discreetly.”

i have to admit, I have done this before. Why? I don’t find using the term “black” instead of “African-American” to be wrong, or hateful, or racist. I feel like the term is an identifier….and there are many people of color, who may or may not be assumed as “black”, who would not identify themselves as “African-American”. I do know that the word can be used as a racist term…maybe I am digging myself into a ditch here. I do know that I am oftentimes afraid of others misunderstanding my passion about anti-racism, me always talking about race…so when they (whomever “they” is) hear me say the word black, I guess I don’t want them to get the wrong impression…

*so perhaps i DO care what others think of me

oh dear.


i wrote this Wednesday night:

its waay past my bedtime and it has been an exhausting day, but i haven’t posted in a while. and MUCH has happened…

to start things off…who knew h. duff was for gay rights?? love the video below. I know, its corny. BUT I think if it was shown on MTV enough times…it could have an effect of America’s youth..? Or at least the ones who watch MTV…

I purchased more books that I don’t have the time to read, today. Now I have in my collection to read:

The German poetry collection and the M.E.D. reader, I got ON SALE at Labyrinth Books in Princeton. That place is very dangerous for me. I could spend hours upon hours in that store. This was my second time visiting; the first time I spent about 2 hours in there and spent about $80 on books. I only purchased these two there this time…

Onto politics. I haven’t watched the debate from last night yet. I have the video podcast downloaded, though. I’ll watch it some time. I can’t deal with all the smearing, etc. right now. I just can’t. So I am staying away, for my own sanity….

i forgot everything that i wanted to post on here. oh well. i’ll do another one later

today’s favorites


just some links i wanted to share.

***This one, from Entertainment Weekly (i know, who knew) about the lack of praise of female rappers by the mainstream hip-hop industry:

From 1998 to 2003, female rappers such as Lauryn Hill, Eve, and Missy Elliott were among the genre’s most bankable artists. But nearly all of their successors — including Lil Mama, Kid Sister, Ms Dynamite, and Jean Grae — have struggled to connect with listeners. And it’s harder than ever to launch new talent. ”Hair and makeup is killing female hip-hop,” says a source. ”The grooming cost to break a female rapper versus a male rapper is 10 times as much per appearance. That tends to have an adverse effect on a record company’s willingness to even entertain a female rapper.”

***Bill Maher. I have had issues with some things he has said in the past, but his extremism is refreshing sometimes. like this video below:

***two words: diddy blog. (who actually goes to his video blog regularly…..)

credit commercial


even though the credit market is currently in shambles….mastercard is still rockin hilarious commercials. i literally laughed out loud when i saw this.

i wish i could dance like that.