oh dear.


i wrote this Wednesday night:

its waay past my bedtime and it has been an exhausting day, but i haven’t posted in a while. and MUCH has happened…

to start things off…who knew h. duff was for gay rights?? love the video below. I know, its corny. BUT I think if it was shown on MTV enough times…it could have an effect of America’s youth..? Or at least the ones who watch MTV…

I purchased more books that I don’t have the time to read, today. Now I have in my collection to read:

The German poetry collection and the M.E.D. reader, I got ON SALE at Labyrinth Books in Princeton. That place is very dangerous for me. I could spend hours upon hours in that store. This was my second time visiting; the first time I spent about 2 hours in there and spent about $80 on books. I only purchased these two there this time…

Onto politics. I haven’t watched the debate from last night yet. I have the video podcast downloaded, though. I’ll watch it some time. I can’t deal with all the smearing, etc. right now. I just can’t. So I am staying away, for my own sanity….

i forgot everything that i wanted to post on here. oh well. i’ll do another one later


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  1. […] Wanda Sykes AND Hilduf hate the word gay (when used in the context shown below), […]

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