october ramblings


it’s that time of year again. my favorite season, fall. the month of October, when the leaves start changing, haunted houses open up,  and my skin starts to get more dry. And of course, the month of the popular holiday, Halloween. Which just happens to also be the day of my birth.  I googled October 31 birthday, and I found this site that is SOOO true about me. No, seriously, it is. It isn’t one of those that says a little bit of everything so you can be like, “oh, well that part is true”. No. And I am not a spiritual or relgious person, and I really don’t take astrology or any of that stuff seriously. but somehow, this stuff is right on point about me.

October 31 Scorpios are searchers after truth and spiritual oneness. They are loners and have no need of validation from others. Although their personal lives may be characterized by highs and lows, they can always get past disappointment. They display honesty without harshness. They are careful about enforcing emotional boundaries.

I suggest heading to the site if you have any interest in seeing what your birthday can tell about you and your personality.

Another reason I love Halloween is pet costumes. I know, dressing up your animal is ridiculous and humiliating for the animal. I’m very sure that the animal knows you are making a fool of it, and is probably wonder why the hell you are taking pictures of it in this insane get-up. However, it is also very entertaining to look at. Via cuteoverload, I found the link to Martha Stewart’s (oh Martha…how i love/hate you) Cutest Pet Halloween Costume Gallery. Some costumes are so-so, some are genius. Here are some of my favorites:

a dog with cleavage? wow.

I only wonder, how are these animals not ripping these costumes off themselves?


One Response to “october ramblings”

  1. chaise de bureau Says:

    these freaks got nothing on B&D’s costume this halloween. i like the first one, looks like me when i’m hungry for some cheetos, or amelia earhart

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