saturday night lights


ah…blogging away on a saturday night while watching the Law & Order: SVU marathon. lame? perhaps. do I care what you think*? hell no.

as I was tag surfing earlier, I found a fellow wordpresser’s blog, fine filter. from this blog, i found easily one of the coolest sites on the interweb:The Breaks, an online database of samples used in Hip-Hop. I searched through some Kanye songs to see where he got some of his samples. from there…i started searching youtube for the original songs, and stumbled upon DJ Funktuall and his “Top 10 Samples in Hip-Hop” series- here is Part 1 :

guy cracks me up. i’ve thought about it before…what would it be like learning how to scratch, dj..this makes me want to learn

THEN i found this reaaallly interesting video from DW (Deutsche Welle) about how the English language is taking over German business’ advertising, and the consequences it could have on the German language.

I love Germany. and Germans. and the German language.

haribo macht kinder froh

haribo macht kinder froh

and Gummibaeren, of course.

and why do white people whisper the word “black”? Macon D (from stuff white people do) guest wrote a post on racialicious:

What interested me, of course, was that whispering by a white person of
the word “black.” I’ve heard white people do that many times, and I’m
not fully sure why they do it. Not that all of those who do it
necessarily do it for the same reason. Or reasons.

One probable
reason that a lot of white people whisper the word “black” is that they
think it’s impolite to mention race. America is supposed to be
“colorblind” now, and so, the common white thinking goes, “we” are not
supposed to notice race, let alone point it out. Or even name it. So,
when we do point it out, we we should do that . . . discreetly.”

i have to admit, I have done this before. Why? I don’t find using the term “black” instead of “African-American” to be wrong, or hateful, or racist. I feel like the term is an identifier….and there are many people of color, who may or may not be assumed as “black”, who would not identify themselves as “African-American”. I do know that the word can be used as a racist term…maybe I am digging myself into a ditch here. I do know that I am oftentimes afraid of others misunderstanding my passion about anti-racism, me always talking about race…so when they (whomever “they” is) hear me say the word black, I guess I don’t want them to get the wrong impression…

*so perhaps i DO care what others think of me


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