omg project runway


i realized i should be watching the debate right now. but project runway is more important. b/c i will download the debate tomorrow and watch it on my iPod.

i can’t believe Leeanne won. WTF?!!??!?!?!?!?!?  Kato TOTALLY should have won. This is insanity. Damn Bravo TV and their producers.  I also love how all of these contestants become walking advertisements for all of Project Runway’s sponsors (coughcoughSATURNcoughcough).

im very very tired and I have a job interview tomorrow. pray for me, to whomever or whatever you pray to. that is if you pray at all.

I leave you with a great “Women for McCain” video, and the cutest pumpkin campaign ever.

too cute.

too cute.

Yes We Carve


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