rainy sunday/monday


as i watch some Brits in their attempt to be half-way decent dog owners (its me or the dog….Victoria has killer bangs) and wait for my wash to dry, i present you with some more thanksgiving wisdom.

From The Progressive, Mark Anthony Rolo, an American Indian, shares his view on the day:

Thanksgiving without the history, please?

If ever there was an American holiday where history ought to be left off the menu it is Thanksgiving.

As an American Indian, I can’t think of anything more depressing than sitting around the dinner table tracing the legacy of a holiday that began with a questionable decision to save a band of starving pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

Almost immediately after the Indians’ rescue feast, the pilgrims and their European successors began a ceaseless campaign of colonization – raiding Indian villages, murdering inhabitants, stealing land and spreading infectious diseases that nearly wiped out whole tribal populations on the entire East Coast.

Excuse me, but I thought Indians were supposed to be the savages.

And the pups have made NPR news! they leave it 1 week….:(

and I need to tag surf more often. I find myself watching dope videos from blogs like compton.kickboxing:

did phife just reference roe vs. wade? yes. yes he did. and ?uestlove looks 15 years old.


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