it’s a woman’s world


that’s right. it is.

i usually don’t theme an entire post on one subject, but I feel like its good time to share some links that have mostly to do with women.

this was in yesterday’s new york times: an article on how many latina women in nyc are performing their own abortions by taking misoprostol, a medication usually taken for gastric ulcers. there are many reasons the women choose to abort in private; they are ashamed, lack trust in the health care system, worry about deportation, etc. Women have been performing their own abortions since the beginning of time, so this does not completely surprise me. though i feel it is unfortunate that many of these women do not feel comfortable going to their neighborhood free clinic or planned parenthood to have the procedure…but i do understand their lack of trust in the health care system, and fear of the after effects of a faulty procedure…

Ms. Dominguez, for her part, said she had no insurance or money to pay for an abortion, and could not fathom getting one for fear her mother would find out. One of her friends had spent $1,200 on an abortion that left her with a uterine infection, and another friend endured the procedure without anesthesia, she said. In addition, Washington Heights is a tightknit community where abortion — as well as birth control — is shunned; if Ms. Dominguez were spotted entering a clinic, rumors could fly.

“There are scary moments, and you got to have a friend right next to you,” said Ms. Dominguez, now 30 and a mother of four. “It’s cheap but dangerous. Certain people are more delicate than others. But afterwards, I felt relief.”

A friend of Ms. Dominguez’s said her stepsister took the pills last year because she was in the country illegally, and worried that a doctor might turn her in. “She was just scared,” the woman said, speaking on the condition that her name not be published to protect the stepsister’s privacy. “She had no papers, no insurance, no nothing.”….

The Planned Parenthood study concluded that women in both nations “seemed to see inducing the termination of pregnancy, or abortions, as a part of the reality of their lives,” in a community where, as one interview subject put it, “we are all doctors.” The report noted that in a culture steeped in machismo, birth control is generally seen as the woman’s responsibility.

“If I introduce the condom into a relationship, I’m basically saying I’ve had somebody else, and I’ve not been faithful to you,” said Haydee Morales, a vice president at Planned Parenthood of New York.

Check out nojojojo’s take on this article, from Angry Black Woman

Another attack on a transwoman in TN has been reported. This is the third reported shooting of a transgender woman in Memphis in the last six months.

Another Transgender Woman Shot in Memphis

On Christmas Eve, a Memphis television station reported the shooting of Leeneshia Edwards in Memphis. She becomes the third transgender woman shot in Memphis in just six months. At last report, Leeneshia is in critical condition. We extend our hopes and prayers to Leenashia for a speedy recovery.

We also ask for anyone with any information about this latest crime to call Memphis Crimes Stoppers at (901)528-CASH.

The shooting of Leeneshia Edwards helps shed light on a disturbing trend in Memphis. Transgender women who work in the sex industry in order to survive are now being targeted by a pervasive culture of violence.

The indifferent attitude of law enforcement towards the February 16, 2006, murder of Tiffany Berry, and the February 12, 2008, beating of Duanna Johnson by Memphis Police Department officers, has sent a message that the lives of transgender people are not important. This has fed the culture of violence that has permeated the second half of 2008, and is exemplified by the July 1 murder of Ebony Whitaker, the July 28 murder of Dre-Ona Blake, a two year old girl who was killed by the man who had previously been charged with the murder of Tiffany Berry, but was allowed to walk free for two and a half years, the November 9 murder of Duanna Johnson, and now the shooting of Leeneshia Edwards.

This open season on transgender people in Memphis and elsewhere, regardless of whether or not they engage in sex work, must come to an end right now.

We call on business people who refuse to hire transgender people to open their doors immediately to transgender workers so there are alternatives to working on the streets.

We call on shelters that routinely turn away transgender people who are seeking help, to open their doors so that transgender people do not have to live on the streets.

We call on religious leaders who preach intolerance towards crossdressers and transsexuals from the pulpit to cease immediately and begin preaching messages of love and acceptance of diversity.

We call on political leaders of all parties to stop campaigning against transgender people and start supporting fully inclusive employment non-discrimination and hate crimes legislation to show that the lives of transgender people have value.

Please visit transphobia’s call to action for trans rights in Tennessee. The link has more information on donating to the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC). As someone who comes from the midwest (i would actually call Tennessee more of the south), I know that the levels of homophobia are ridiculous, so I can only imagine the attitudes towards the trans community in Memphis…

On a lighter note, Sarah Haskins is the host of a hilarious segment on Current TV called “Target Women“. I realize the holidays are over, but I can’t tell you how sick of those damn jewelry commercials…Haskins gives us her take:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

funny as hell.

and in light of the new year and everyone and their mother joining a gym and making it their goal to lose weight….tamara blue. (i stole this one from womanist musings):

for ALL women out there (whether you consider yourself thick or not!! and big-ups to st. louis for loving the booty!




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