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Where have I been for the last month or so? You know, here and there. I just moved into my own studio apartment last weekend, so that and work have been taking up most of my time. I realize I didn’t complete my film reviews from the Berlinale. And I don’t think I am going to, mostly because my notebook from the trip is buried in a box somewhere that I have yet to unpack. I’m not sure why I keep this blog, or what I should write. Sometimes I actually don’t want to read my news or political blogs, mostly because almost all of what I read is too damn depressing. So I will visit my celebrity gossip and hip-hop blogs, purely for their entertainment. I think I just need to find a good balance of the two. See, now that I am writing, I have thought of some links to post. Excuse me, I’m a little rusty…


If you haven’t heard about this yet, you need to crawl out of the cave you’ve been hiding in. I was very surprised that a state in the Midwest struck down a state law prohibiting same-sex marriages. I admit I don’t know much about Iowa as a state. Only that it borders the northern Missouri border. I guess I just assumed it was as conservative as other states in the Midwest. But apparently, Iowa has a long history of being ahead of other sates when it comes to human and civil rights.


Why did I literally laugh out loud when I found out about Madonna’s rejection to adopt another black orphan baby from Malawi? Probably because it’s about damn time someone puts a stop to the adoption of black/brown/asian babies to use as fashion accessories. Of course Michael K keeps it real and tells it like it is. That is one of the reasons I love Dlisted. And Carmen from Racialicious posted a nice article on antiracistparent.com about how important the issue of race in adoption is.

I think there were more links I wanted to post, but I need to give my full attention to this program I am watching right now.

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aaand this hilarious/cute Kia commercial to leave you with:


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  1. Budak Says:

    Welcome back!

  2. […] we go welcome to the freakshow « where have you been shine your light on the world 18.April.09 note: i began writing this post on […]

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