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rock the bellz


so yesterday was rock the bells 2009, at jones beach, in wantagh NY. Basically out on long island, kind of in the middle of nowhere. thing is, i was going by myself. which i’ve done before, gone to a concert by myself. but not a festival like this. so going by myself was mistake #1. also paying the amount I did for my ticket was mistake #2. And it took me 2.5 hours to drive there. THAT was the most painful. not the heat, or the boredome and awkwardness in between sets and walking around the venue by myself. it was the drive. i did get to see the end of tech n9ne, la coka nostra, common (w/talib kweli), wu-tang (rae, rza, meth, and some other people…i’m not a huge wu fan), and finally the roots. i left early b/c i wanted to avoid concert traffic. i hit traffic anyways, but at least it wasnt concert traffic on top of that. so i missed nas & damian marley. which i was willing to, in order to make my drive home less painful. traffic with a manual is not fun at all. good thing was i got home at a reasonable hour, and was able to get enough sleep. which is rare. here are some pics that i took with my phone:


the roots

common my man

common my man