epic fail


i fail at keeping a blog. i guess when i started this blog about a year ago, i planned on updating it ALL THE TIME. well, that obviously didn’t happen. my excuste for the past few month has been studying for the LSAT. which i took two weeks ago (woo hoo!!), and I still have a couple of weeks to wait for the scores. I’m at work right now, I have tons of work to do…so I should probably get back to working. Oh well. I just created flickr page, so thats what got me back on the blog. oh yeah, i’ve also been on twitter a lot. not much on the facebook, i’m kind of over the facebook. but the just blocked twitter at my job, so that blows chunks. i dont know what to really do with my life, now that the LSAT is over. perhaps I will start posting more? perhaps. and i leave you with a cute puppy doggie:


One Response to “epic fail”

  1. Do you feel good about how you did on the LSAT?

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