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um yeah.


i could have waited until october and it would have been a FULL YEAR since i’ve updated this thing. but i decided to take a look at the blog today, and i guess update today. I still go on the facebook and twitter though. i don’t updated my facebook ever, though, because most of my family is on it and always has something to say about anything i post.

what has happened since I last updated??

well, i fell in and out of a “relationship”, the earthquake in Haiti, i visited LA, visited my sister in Oregon, and was just the maid of honor in a beautiful wedding. Oh yeah. and I applied to law school. I just found out today that i’ve been waitlisted at a total of 4 of the 5 schools I applied to. Yeah, its June, classes start in August, and I still don’t know what I will be doing with my life in two months. Awesome!!

i put a few pics of LA up on my flikr if you are interested. one of them got chosen by for one of their photos of the Getty Center.

p.s. i don’t get this new layout on WordPress. There has to be a tutorial or something around here that will teach me how to update my blog better. and why am i watching extreme home makeover home edition on CMT?

and i’ve been loving sleigh bells, recently.

sleigh bells-crown on the ground