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my favorite players 2.0


what a world cup this has been so far!!! today, my boys performed amazingly, as expected, killing ENGLAND 4-1. (too bad I fell asleep during the second half and missed 2 of the goals, shh don’t tell) Now we just have to beat Argentina on Saturday, which should be a really great game. I am kind of a fan of the Argentine (or is it Argentinian? dunno) team, but Germany always comes first. And can someone please explain to me why Messi is the greatest player in the world? Maybe I just don’t know enough about his history and stats, but he hasn’t scored once in this cup so far. Perhaps he will on Saturday, we will see. Alls I know is that it was great having Klose back today.

Back to what this post was originally supposed to be about. My fave football players 2.0.

U S of A. #22 Benny Feilhaber

i mean just look at those eyes. yes.

and I know you all expect me to put Ronaldo on this list. but he’s kind of too good looking, if such a thing exists. It’s like he was a model first who decided to pay football, like Cameron Diaz and “acting”.

Well, that is the only hot player that I am going to post about right now. I kind of post them as I see them playing…so if I notice any others in the next 2 weeks, i will post them.

now back to watching the BET awards….