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my favorite players


and by favorite i mean best looking, in my opinion.

Argentina. #9 Gonzalo Higuain

not the best pictures of him, but its what i could find. so deal.

Uruguay. #9 Luis Suarez

And you already know about Podolski, (Germany #10) so I won’t repost him.

I will be updating this post as I see more of my favorite players. The Univision live feed stopped working, so I have no way of watching the games at work anymore! 😦


what a game


game over. 4-0. nuff said. my boys never seem to disappoint me! Australia never had a chance. Though Ballack will always be my first love, I think I may be starting to crunch real hard on Podolski. I know, I know, he is Polish born, so he’s not 100% German, but I’ll let it slide this time.

In other news, the vuvuzelas may be banned in upcoming games b/c you can’t hear shit during the game. its even hard to hear the crowd because of those annoying horns.  oh man, what i would give to either be in Germany right now, or even better in South Africa!! For now all I can do is enjoy the games from my little air-conditioned studio in my PJs.